Sports Performance Program

Mission: To close the gap between athletic potential and performanceSport Performance Program

Location: Our Sports Performance Programs are based at the Michael W. Krzyzewski Human Performance Lab, respectfully known as the “K-Lab”, which is located in the Finch Yeager Building at Duke Sports Medicine. For each athlete, our staff selects assessments that are sport-specific, position-specific, and goal-specific. Assessments may include VO2-max and lactate threshold, and/or various tests of agility, speed, power, strength, stamina, flexibility and body composition. We apply the data to optimize each athlete’s training and performance.


Sport-Specific/Athlete-Specific Personal Training Program: Picture yourself improving, achieving higher performance levels, and reaching your potential. We will show you the quickest route to your potential.
Professional & Elite Athletes Program: We offer this program for athletes from around the world. It is designed as a supplement to player development and medical programs of professional teams, as well as for elite non-professional athletes. Our staff includes exercise physiologists, a sports nutritionist, sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, and a sports psychologist. Your options for hotel accommodations include the beautiful Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club which is a short walk from our facilities. The Washington Duke’s Chef works with our Sports Nutritionist to provide our athletes with optimal nutrition that suits their preferences and needs. To date, we have served football, basketball, baseball and field hockey players as well as triathletes and runners from milers to marathoners.
Master Athletes Program: This program parallels our Personal Training and Professional & Elite Athletes Programs and focuses on the needs of athletes age 40+.
Duke University Varsity Athletes Program:
We provide performance testing and data analysis for Duke University’s NCAA Division I teams.
Facilities: Duke Sports Performance Program facilities include weight rooms, Mondo Super x track, wooded cross country trails, Olympic swimming pool, Wallace Wade Football Stadium, basketball courts, racquetball courts, turf fields, and cardio equipment.
Contact Information:
Greg McElveen
Phone: 919-681-4184

Sports Performance Instructional Video

Dynamic Warm-Up DVD from the Duke Sports Performance Program in the K-Lab

Train to be a Champion: The Dynamic Warm-Up for Sports is an exciting video produced by the K-Lab. This 40 minute video is for athletes of all ages who play court and field sports. Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski provides valuable insights for athletes, parents, and coaches. Mike Huff, a past Coordinator of Sports Performance at the K-Lab, leads youth and college athletes through the warm-up.
This clip will require Real Media Player, please click here to download Real Medial Player.

Many athletes and coaches believe that “warm-up” and “stretching” are one and the same. The Dynamic Warm-up is designed to enhance balance, strength, coordination, agility, power, and flexibility – in short, enhancing athletic performance by preparing the athlete’s body for the demands of a workout or practice. It only takes 15-20 minutes to do the Dynamic Warm-up. That’s a small investment that can pay big dividends.

Research has shown that warming up prior to athletic competition can help to prevent injuries, keeping athletes on the field.

Price: $34.90 (plus $5.00 shipping and handling)
Ordering Information:
Credit Card Orders: Call (919) 681-4184
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Duke Sports Medicine
c/o Greg McElveen
106 Finch Yeager Building
DUMC 3435
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